Plant-Based Brown Sugar Boba Protein

Plant-Based Brown Sugar Boba Protein

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Major Update Coming Soon - We have sent out over 50 samples and the results have been insane. The team at Boba Fit has begun working with some big chef's to perfect our formulas along with introducing a Plant-Based Version.

Our Plant Based Formulas:

- All Natural

- Gluten Free

- Carbon Neutral

- Soy Free

-Sugar and Sucralose Free

- Mixes well with water

Customer Reviews

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Jason Orr
Guilty pleasure without the guilt

Smooth texture and great flavor - not too sweet, just the right amount. This goes good with my fresh fruit blended smoothies.

Henry Chao
Improved taste

I had ordered the previous whey-based formulation of the brown sugar protein powder and loved it. The new vegan friendly formulation also has a great taste and consistency too. Loved the combination of the protein powder mixed into my morning coffee. I will be sure to order more!

Brown Sugar Plant-Based Protein

I prefer the whey formula of this flavor, but I think this is a great vegan option! I sometimes use almond milk with the whey formula for extra creaminess, but the plant based formula is great with just water.

Great flavor!

Taste just like Brown Sugar Boba! No chalkiness at all!

Stacy Nguyen
Vegan brown sugar flavored protein

Mixes well, and is not too sweet, which is nice for someone who is also being mindful of sugar intake. I was not bloated after!

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