More than Protein: What Boba Fit stands for

Our Mission

Empowering Asian Americans to live healthier lives through products and media celebrating both Asian culture and people.

Our Values

Uncompromising Quality

We create the best products with the best ingredients. We are committed to delivering goods we are proud of.

Radical Transparency

In the ingredients and products we make, in the media we create. We believe in speaking the whole truth.

Community First

Our brand stands for Asian empowerment, pushing our talented community to achieve greater health, purpose, and impact.

Our Story

We love milk tea and we know you do too, but it’s loaded with sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors, and artificial ingredients. As regular gym-goers, what we put in our body is important to us.

Sick of overpaying for sugary empty calories, we looked for alternatives that supported a healthy lifestyle. We couldn’t find any. During our search, we noticed that many of the flavors we loved as Asian-Americans were absent from the world of nutritional supplements. We took up the task of mixing and creating our own beverage, one that would fit with our fitness goals while blending the flavors we loved, starting with milk tea.

We created Boba Fit at the intersection of healthy living and Asian culture. Our goal extends beyond nutrition, uplifting people of Asian ethnicities to achieve better mental health, physical health, and social health.

Proud to be Asian

You Can Do It

From being unfairly overlooked and discriminated against, it's time to flip the narrative. Let's reclaim our image and support each other to lead healthier lives.

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